• Indo Asian Solar Challenge

    Every year, for the past 7 years, the Indo Asian Solar Challenge has welcomed the greatest minds from around the world to INDIA to challenge the norms and travel the outback in a vehicle powered only by the power of the sun.

  • E-Bike Racing Challenge

    This is the INDIA’s first Electric-two wheeler Competition organizing from past 5 years where students from various colleges/universities in INDIA manufacture their own Vehicle to compete eco-friendly.

  • National Solar Car Design Challenge

    NSCDC is an educational and adventurous event for students from grade 8th to grade 12th. It motivates students to design, build and race solar powered cars on exuberant tracks.

  • ManshA-"EK Soch"

    ManshA is an annual Student Design contest. The purpose of the contest is to enable students to come up with engineering systems or society System or products that solve some challenging, real-world problems.

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    We listen, we discuss, we advise. Sounds obvious but we listen to your ideas, plans and objectives for your Projects. We then select the best solution to fit.

  • Professional services

    We work with college to industries, a school projects to industrial projects for providing a professional service.

  • 24 Hours service

    Support to all your queries and solve your problems within well stipulated time.

  • Technical & Research

    we want to change all your imagination to reality by providing you technical and innovative support.

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    we are providing a design solution to industries and college/university.

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    We love nothing more than working on a great project with a fantastic team. We care about our students and can often be found working out of hours to get everything ‘just right’!

We are a team of young professionals passionate in our work.


AMT MotoCorp

We , the Ashman’s are a team which has been instrumental in promoting motor sports events and ushering a new era of engineers, where they will know, what practicality in technical world stands for. The AMT MotoCorp will act as a launch-pad to accord the seamless endurance of engineers and their prolific inputs. We will craft a world, where knowledge and wisdom in engineering domain will lead to imagination and innovation.

Much to the emergence of engineers in India in the last decades, the indispensability of this troupe has somewhat been whacked. Primarily, our competency will include giving birth to an atmosphere, where engineers do not feel their job as a livelihood, but a way to live life. A bridging gap is what, we will mend between the ideas and prospects of an engineer, who has no dearth of enthusiasm and zeal the Ashman pledge to work for the engineers, and to give the much needed impetus, which can make them operate without being asymptotic about the obstacles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and promote future services in green mobility and technology which creates engaging and sustainable environment for the next generations. We strive to offer excellence, professionalism, and a long-term commitment to remain among the premier Training & Development companies in India.

Our Teams

Our team, as our imperative asset, works with great zeal to realize the mutual interests or our organization. Our team is made of professionals including professional trainers, managers, consultants, business development staff, quality auditor and other workforces. Each member in our team is selected on the basis of their domain knowledge in respective fields. To upgrade the expertise of our team we also conduct regular training exercises. It helps us to be paralleled with new changes occurring time after time in the market. Our team members are highly efficient and understand the needs of clients as precisely as possible.

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Our Events

We are a team of young professionals passionate in our work. We work in a friendly and efficient using the latest technologies and sharing our expertise

AMT MotoCorp helps bring together the students from across the country by organising events time to time. Events promote innovative ideas and allow students to share their knowledge and ideas with other students. Attending these events give information on the different fields of study. Our purpose is to educate and empower youth by providing them with the tools and resources for success, as well as to provide a strong foundation for confidence and leadership. .



Ashman is the initiation which not only sticks to a particular field but tries to navigate in the direction of development of practicality in students as well as in the country. To ensure that, we organize workshops and school events this indeed acts as SKILL INDIA program.

Department :

  • Desiging and analysis

  • Automobile

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical& Electronics

  • CSE and Web devlopments

  • Soft Skills

  • Bussiness

  • Data Sciences

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We are a team of young professionals passionate in our work. We work in a friendly and efficient using the latest technologies and sharing our expertise

With increasing demand of industry-ready fresh graduates, there has also been an increased emphasis on the link between academics and industry. As companies look for candidates with hands-on exposure, Certination’s project-based 6 Months Industrial Training programs aptly fill the requirement. To make optimal use of students’ summer and winter vacations, we offer industrial training in all streams, including ME/CS/IT/ECE/EEE, B.Tech. and Management. Conducted for around 6 Months, such industrial training programs are job-oriented and help students to relate curriculum with industry practices and responsibilities.

  • Qualified Staff of trainers

  • Feel like you are at Home Services

  • 24x7 technical Services

  • Save your Money and Time with us

  • Engineering Research

  • Engineering and job Consulting

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Invite us to your college/university

AMT MotoCorp is having an enormous experience of organizing trainings not only in INDIA but throughout the world. Register to avail this opportunity

  • Qualified Trainers

  • Fully practically training

  • 24x7 online training Services

  • Save your Money and Time with us

  • Research oriented projects

  • Jobs and career Consulting

  • Motivational session

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AMT_MotoCorp's Updates

  • Registration Open Indo Asian Solar ChallengeOn

    A revolution Awaits; A passion pursued; Limits eroded and Championship won. Launching the 5th season of Asia's largest solar vehicle race the INDO ASIAN SOLAR CHALLENGE 2021

  • Registration Open E-Bike Racing Challenge

    #EBRC is one its kind in the whole country. Attracting hundreds of teams from across the Nation, this is an event you do not wanna miss. REGISTRATIONS are still open at the request of the Teams !

  • ManshA-"Ek Soch"

    MANSHA is an opportunity for engineering students to solve challenging real world problems and get rewarded for it.

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    House No.183k, Hinauti near Prise cement Satna (MP) 485111

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